Our Partners

The Journey

To combine the best of both social entrepreneurship and the corporate world, Changemaker Companies has designed a specific journey that enables :

- Employees
to engage with social entrepreneurs and progressively acquire social entrepreneurial skills (empathy, creativity, agility, collaborative leadership), evolve their behaviors and therefore become “internal” changemakers,

- Organizations to embed social & environmental impact with business goals to generate new areas of values creation.

The pioneer companies engaged with Changemaker Companies in this transformational journey towards social and environmental impact form “The League of Changemaker Companies" (our lab).

Each program is based on the company’s core business, focused on one or several themes (circular economy, aging well, digital inclusion etc.) and lasts at least 3 years.

Together, they form a collective group and share best practices, collaborate to face similar challenges and speak as one to accelerate the Business for Impact movement.

The example of Making More Health

In 2011, Boehringer Inhelheim, leading pharmaceutical company, launched with Ashoka the global initiative "Making More Health" (MMH), to identify, support and scale entrepreneurial solutions to global health challenges. MMH is structured as a hybrid model, with impact on both society and Boehringer Ingelheim’s business. Since 2018, other companies followed the emblematic example of this historic partnership by joining The League of Changemaker Companies.

Our Partners

By promoting social entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurial thinking the Making More Health initiative creates social impact, helps find innovative business models and creates benefit for our own organizations and employees. MMH is about bringing together business and social knowledge. Together with Changemaker Companies and Ashoka, the largest network of social entrepreneurs worldwide, we engage actively in single social entrepreneurship projects. We would hereby like to achieve a change in the healthcare system and give something to society, that cannot be measured and solved monetarily: it’s about creating Shared Value.


Capgemini has been partnering with Changemaker Companies since 2018. Leaders and their teams are collaborating with social entrepreneurs in order to scale up solutions that reduce the digital divide. Those collaborations allow a better understanding and integration of social issues and creates a spirit of social intrapreneurship within the organization.


To further its mission of “inventing a food safe world”, Kersia has partnered Changemaker Companies to advance a society where individuals, families and communities have access to safe food and water. Via Ashoka’s network of 3,500 social entrepreneurs worldwide, the partnership will identify and support innovative solutions to safe food and water, while adapting Kersia’s workforce to a fast-changing environment. The partnership will combine elements of Kersia’s CSR program “Act for Positive Impact” with its Talent Management program to reinforce its commitment to people, planet and profit and reinvent the way business is conducted.


KLESIA has been supporting social entrepreneurs from the Ashoka network for years, through its “Action Sociale”. In 2019, the commitment was reinforced by a partnership with Changemaker Companies, giving birth to the “Assembleur de Talents pour Demain” (ATD) program. The goal of the ATD program is to identify and support social entrepreneurs working on "aging well together” but also to involve and acculturate employees to social innovation.


“ Collaborating with social entrepreneurs by bringing our skills for their digital challenges is a way to give new meaning to our core business by directly serving society.”

Hélène Chinal

General Manager - Capgemini Technology Services

"Partnering with Changemaker Companies helps trigger an individual and collective shift within the organization. How? By working hand-in-hand with social entrepreneurs, employees develop skills like empathy, teamwork, collaboration, etc."

Jean de Villèle

Deputy General Manager in charge of Human Resources and Work Environment - KLESIA

"Today’s companies have a major role to play in favor of general interest; they can have a strong positive impact towards their employees, their ecosystem… and towards society! This is the goal of our partnership with Changemaker Companies by supporting social entrepreneurs and more globally social economy."

Jean-François Rimoux

General Manager in charge of Communications and CSR - KLESIA

The Inter-Company Program

Members of « Changemaker Companies » regularly host inter-company meetings to share experiences, learn from one another and build common initiatives.

Three dedicated streams gathering partners on a regular basis 

1. Corporate leaders : offer them the opportunity to sponsor the streams and scale their impact by working on topics like transformation strategies, advocacy, impact measurement, etc.

2. Functional managers : allow them to identify strategies related to their job and scale policies according to the 5 pillars methodology of every Changemaker Companies program

3. Steering teams : propose new approaches to support teams in charge of piloting the transformation within their company

And all year long, fruitfull insights from social entrepreneurs, experts, top voices or pionneer companies,…coming in easy to grasp formats (lunch & learn, from future capsules,..); one yearly seminar gathering all streams etc.

For more information contact Anne-Béatrice at aschlumberger[a]cesis-transformation.net

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