May 05, 2022

Changemaker Companies launches the "Business for Impact" observatory

Join an international community of pioneers and leaders willing to place positive impact at the core business

Our vision

The accelerating rate of change in the world is exposing a new inequality between those who have the ability to change and adapt, and those who do not. Developing the skills to innovate, evolve, and balance shifting priorities and stakeholders, is more crucial than ever.

We believe that companies that will thrive in the long run are those who integrate social and environmental stakes into their core business, and who understand that the best way to do so is through engaging with systems-changing social entrepreneurs [...]

Our manifesto

How social innovation can contribute to business transformation for the good of all

To combine the best of both social entrepreneurship and the corporate world, Changemaker Companies has designed a specific journey for pioneer companies that are willing to engage in solving social and environmental problems at scale through their core business. They do this by working hand in hand with their employees, consumers and other strategic allies, including an eco-system of social innovators. [...]

Our journey



The concept of "Changemaker Companies" was incepted by Ashoka as a way to infuse its “Everyone a Changemaker Vision” into the corporate sector.

Ashoka is an international nonprofit organization, is the leading network of social entrepreneurs acting towards social and environmental innovation. Ashoka identifies and supports the world's leading social entrepreneurs, learns from the patterns in their innovations, and mobilizes a global community that embraces these new frameworks to build an "everyone a changemaker world.". Founded in 1981, Ashoka is now present in more than 90 countries, supporting more than 3500 social entrepreneurs around the world.

Arnaud Mourot
“By engaging strategically with Social Entrepreneurs, companies can generate new value and stay ahead of the curve.”

Arnaud Mourot

VP Ashoka


In the journey toward transforming the corporate sector, Ashoka met Ylios and together they launched the League of Changemaker Companies, giving birth to the movement.

Ylios is a consulting firm that works on strategy, organization, transformation, management, forecasting, and influence with large international groups, companies, and public institutions. Ylios is deeply invested in the development of links between the corporate world and the field of social entrepreneurship.

"As the rate of change accelerates and new crises appear, resilient companies will be those who fully embrace change, who anticipate new ways of organizing and who do business for the good of all. The Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated the need for companies to engage in social impact activities to support society. This is reinforced by the fact that more and more European governments have included obligations supporting the sustainable development goals (SDGs), employment or social engagement when they provided financial help to private companies. "

Angelos Souriadakis

Founder and President of Ylios

Our approach

Discover our methodology for transforming companies, articulated around 5 strategic pillars of action.




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